Print-of-the-Month Club! July thru December 2023

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**The 6-month/July thru December '23 subscription is now available!
Here it is: the 3rd straight year of Print Club! What started out in the peak of pandemic-isolation, has deepened my art practice and created a wonderful community of art patrons and friends—I couldn't be more grateful.

For new comers:
What is Print-of-the-Month Club? It is a subscription-based offering of small-edition letterpress prints, that is fun for all involved! It’s a great way to explore your love of art, tactile printing, and fun design—all through the excitement of your mailbox.

Whether for yourself or someone else, I'm hoping to continue to bring more joy to our homes in 2023.

"So, Vic... will I get to choose what my print looks like?"

Nope—that's the fun of Print Club! Each month's design runs the gamut between simple and elaborate, and all members receive the same surprise-print each month. Whether one (rare), two, or six-color creations, I try and be careful about not posting anything on social media until AFTER everyone has received theirs. I like the excitement of not knowing what will show up!

Once you sign up, you will receive a formal membership card. Each month's print is printed in a limited-edition, and if there are any left over, they are then made available in this Curiosity Shoppe. Once the edition is sold-out, it's gone!

The finished size is 5" x 7", it is numbered, and it will show up the first week of the month. Shipping is included in the price.

It's been said that the Print Club Subscription makes a fantastic gift. If you would like to give one to a loved one, please be sure to include the recipient's mailing address in the notes. If you'd like me to send them their membership card directly, please let me know. I will always include a note to let them know that this is being sent on your behalf.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at victoria@milkfedpress. xoxo