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Round 4 of Print-of-the-Month Club

  • Round 4 of Print-of-the-Month Club
  • Round 4 of Print-of-the-Month Club
  • Round 4 of Print-of-the-Month Club

The next full, 6-month subscription of Print-of-the-Month Club begins July 1st, 2022.

What is Print-of-the-Month Club? It is my fairly new subscription-based offering that I think is fun for all involved! It’s a great way to explore your love of tactile printing and fun design. Whether for yourself or someone else, I'm hoping to continue to bring more joy to our homes in 2022.

"So, Vic... will they get to choose what they're print looks like?"
Nope—not beforehand. That's the fun of print club! Each month's design runs the gamut between simple and elaborate, and all members receive the same surprise print each month. I'm careful about not posting anything on social media until AFTER everyone has received theirs, which makes for a fun, grab-bag experience.

If there are any left over, people are able to buy one-offs (but at a slightly higher price) in this Curiosity Shoppe. Once the edition is sold-out, it's gone.

The finished size will be 5" x 7", and it will show up the first week of the month, from July thru December 2022 (6-months).

You can sign up for yourself or give it as a gift. If the latter, please be sure to include the recipient's mailing address. If you'd like me to send them their membership card directly, please let me know if you'd like me to include a note on your behalf.

You/they will receive a formal membership card upon sign-up.
Shipping is included in the price—United States only, please.

Lastly, please direct any further questions to