Print-of-the-Month Club: JANUARY

  • Print-of-the-Month Club: JANUARY
  • Print-of-the-Month Club: JANUARY

I have just a few extras available.

This new, limited edition print was created as a line drawing first (using a brush pen), and then translated into the letterpress realm by making a plate. The background color was created with a linoleum block, and I used pieces of tape place directly on the cylinder of my press (makeready) to create some variation and texture as I printed.

This is the first offering of my 6-month print club. Size is 5 x 7, and it is numbered.

*Please note—I'm always trying to cut down on packaging. If buying multiple prints, please specify if you would like to to put them in individual, or one sleeve to keep nice prior to shipping. I'm also okay with "none at all". Your call! Thanks! xo