Things I Grew During Covid, No. 2 print

$20.00 USD

This is the second piece in this series. Drawn so I would remember the seeds that I'd planted this year, I then translated into the letterpress realm.
My obsession with red clover ran deep this Spring/Summer, and the few sweet peas here were just a taste of the wall-o-sweet-peas I achieved.

As with the other print, drawing from my garden is my joy.
To be able to plant the tiniest of seeds and have them grow into large, blooming plants is pretty miraculous. Putting beauty in to the world is a pleasure, and I'm committed to offering pretty, and affordable prints for all who want them.

Printed in seven colors/passes, the size is 5" x 7".

*Please note—I'm always trying to cut down on packaging. If buying multiple prints, please specify if you would like to to put them in individual, or one sleeve to keep nice prior to shipping. I'm also okay with "none at all". Your call! Thanks! xo